Crocheting Rag Bags

 I've been trying to post all week but one thing after another has distracted me. 
I've gone through all of my worn and shabby sheets and found
two of the pink and one of the blue floral.

They are the Wamsutta Lustercale...Made In The USA
In the 1930's the Wamsutta Mills produced the first Lustercale.
They were 60% cotton/40% avril rayon for extra softness.
They later changed it over to 100% cotton.

I found some interesting facts about the name.
Wamsutta Company's textile milled opened in 1846
in New Bedford, Massachusetts.
It was named after a Native American named
Wamsutta, also called Alexander Pokanoket by the New England Colonists.

You didn't know you were having a history lesson today... did you? :0)

On to the good stuff! 
I'm crocheting some rag bags and I thought these sheets would be perfect.
I've already torn about 60 strips of the blue. 
I wish it would cool off outside so I could do the ripping on the porch.
There is a bit of what I call "dust" that flies as you rip.
My sinuses have said no more ripping in the house.

Mother of Pearl buttons will look so pretty with these soft colors,
don't you think?

In the middle of my studio I have an antique dining table that I put a cutting mat on.
It's really pretty but it's too low and hurts my lower back. 
I came up with a solution to my problem without changing the table in any way.

Using the same concept as my ironing station...Thomas has cut a piece of plywood
the size of the table top, rounded the edges a bit and  then will add some 6" tall retro looking
legs to it. Then this platform will sit on top of my old table with my cutting mat on it.
The even better news it that it also creates more storage.
I'll have that 6" of space between the platform and the tabletop.
A great place for all of my rulers, scissors, pins, etc which will help clear the table.

Here's a picture of the table...of course, it doesn't have the tablecloth on it anymore. :0)
The picture was for the 2010 Where Bloggers Create party.
I'll post the finished results hopefully in a few days or less.

Pink Sparkles for the upcoming week!
Thanks for visiting with me.
A quick note to everyone that is used to going to my Queen of Dreamsz blog...
This blog is now my primary place for posting about my crochet and sewing and everything else..
I'd love to have you follow my new blog so you can find me easily.

Sweet Southern Hugs
Stephanie Suzanne
Queen of Dreamsz

The healthiest response to life is joy.
Deepak Chopra

Photo Copyright
Stephanie Suzanne


Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Hi Steph, What a great post, those sheets will be wonderful to use for many things. Beautiful fabric and yes, quite the history lesson there, I love that sort of info. I can't wait to see what Thomas does with your table. great idea! happy late Pink Saturday to you, Big Pink Hugs Marilou

Char said...

Hi Sweet Stephanie,
While making my holiday stockings, I have started using some of the gorgeous things you sent me. I love them still to this day, and have never forgotten the generousity you bestode on me.
The solution to your table problem was an easy fix and it looks so pretty too. I would love to come over and play, but I would probably never want to leave!! Char

Pat said...

Your studio space is absolutely beautiful - and what a view - wowza!

I know what you mean about a table being too low and back problems. I solved mine by cutting pvc pipe into 4 equal lengths and putting the table legs into these when I need the extra height. I like what you've done because it adds storage. Where there's a will, there's a way!

LuLu Kellogg said...

LOVING the color of the ribbons! Perfect with mother of pearl!

Have a fantastic week!


Sandra Kaye said...

Hello Stephanie, What beautiful sheets. They are going to make beautiful bags. Really like the blue one. I have a reg. folding table. Thats 2x4. My husband bought pvc pipes that fit the legs. And cut them so the table was brought up to a height that I didnt have to Bend over when cutting on my cutting board. Don't we have great hubbys!!?!! Have a super day. Sandie

Nancy said...

Wonderful, Stephanie! I really want to see what you make with these sheets. I had never thought of them as a yarn, but I used them for rug making, so why not?

Will be watching.