Sweet Flying Squirrels...

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I know some of you have already seen the flying squirrels that visit us...but I'm sure there are a lot that haven't seen my photos of them so I thought they were perfect for Outdoor Wednesday hosted by Susan at A Southern Daydreamer

These sweet tiny flying squirrels visit every night. They glide on to our front porch within minutes of the daylight turning to night time. We put out peanuts, sunflower seeds, whole corn and anything else we may want to try. When they talk they make a chirping sound just like a bird.

If you would like to discover whether you have them around you try putting out a hanging platform feeder on a porch, a lower branch of a tree, etc. and then shine a bright light out to it to see it anything has shown up after dark. Remember, they are totally nocturnal. I was about a foot away from these when I took the pictures.

Totally adorable little creatures. They average 7 inches tall and that includes a 4 inch tail!

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Queen of Dreamsz & Miss Morgan the yorkie

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"Dream lofty dreams, 
and as you dream, 
so shall you become. 
Your vision is the promise of 
what you shall at last unveil."
~John Ruskin~


Joyce said...

I think that their cousins are living down at our house:-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Steph, I'm not sure I've seen a 'flying' squirrel before. We have plain old gray squirrels --and I think they are larger than yours. AND--even though they are very agile, and can fly off of the deck, they really don't 'fly'... The cannot figure a way to get up to my feeders on the deck.. They look up --and just 'wish' to be able to get up there... ha

Check my blog. I have a request for a blog friend who has lost her husband (who died suddenly at age 60).


Claudia said...

They are so sweet! I don't know if we have any flying squirrels. I haven't seen any. How tiny they must be!


Kiki said...

Oh My...how magcical...I am smitten..what a sweet bunch of creatures!! gorgeous!

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

I don't think we have flying squirrels but I have a crazy one that loves our feeder! Upside down - chowing down - almost daily!

Nancy said...

Stephanie, those are just the cutest little guys. My herbs will be on the deck...hmmm...maybe we will get visitors, too.

Saw the pink hat again below. Still lovin' it.

Gracefully Vintage said...

Hello Stephanie, That is so cool, I think I would hide if i saw flying squirrels- Amazing.. Love your blog, the lttle twinkle misting is darling.
Love teh Vintage Ticking as well.
Just became a new Follower, cant wait, now off to chk for flying squirrels.

kim said...

Nice to meet you, too. Those are the cutest little squirrels. I have heard that we may have some here, but have not seen them. Lots of just plain gray squirrels though.

Under Her Wings said...

Thank you for directing me to your post! How beautiful! I am telling my granddaughter about you. Like minds! She just got a treadle sewing machine! She's 14, and her blog is http://craftycrafteen.blogspot.com/.
She's a crafty one :)
I am your newest follower. Loved the squirrels.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

How neat! I would love to see these cuties in my yard!

Pam @ diy Design Fanatic said...

Stephanie, squirrels are so fun to watch and observe. I can always tell where my cat is when I hear a squirrel "barking" - he is usually at the base of the tree looking up at it.
Thanks for the nice comment on my possum post! :)

Dreamspirations Gallery said...

How cute! I've lived here most of my life and Never knew we had flying squirrels!!!

Marie said...

Hi Stephanie - Your night visitors are cute! Luv your whimsical blog too! Thanks for stopping by yesterday and your sweet comments.

Jaz said...

Oh the pictures are so wonderful. Lovely and nice...

Denise said...

We don't have those here. I bet they're fascinating to watch.

Bunny said...

Well I have never seen these little creatures too cute they are.
Thanks for your kind words on Gypsy's blog she was a wonderful friend and I miss her so much. Hugs

NanaNay said...

Thank you so much for coming by to visit.

I think our squirrels are way to fat to fly.

You are in one of my favorite places-the Smokies.

Love your blog.

Allison Shops said...

Sorry I'm running behind from last week - thank you for dropping by Atticmag and commenting on the swinging porch beds. Those chipmunks are just adorable!