A Look at Our First Snow for Winter 2009


I wanted to share some pictures of our place after the snowfall last Saturday. I love this photo of my two vintage shabby metal chairs. :0) It's just a great photo...what else can I say!

The following photos show some of our Eastern Hemlock trees. They are the ultimate Christmas trees, don't you think!? Just perfect creations...:0) Sadly, they are being attacked in the Smoky Mountain National Park as well as our foothills. There is a parasite along with a certain moss that will kill them. They are being treated aggressively in the park to save them.

I know many of you have seen my posts about my Flying Squirrels that I feed each evening...well, as we know, everything has a purpose in nature and my adorable tiny squirrels are helping to fight the battle  against losing the Hemlock trees..many of them live in the Hemlock and they EAT the parasites along with this moss that grows. I found it quite interesting what a giant roll these tiny creatures are playing in nature.



A view from our front porch...

Another view from the front porch....ten Crows are flying across the valley. Click on the photos to see the large detail views. I love Crows....and we have hundreds of them fly through as well as dozens that hang around the house all the time. When the Fox shows up in the morning to eat some corn the Crows caw at them to try to make them leave...it's a sight to watch since the Fox steadily eats but all the while watching the Crows..:0)

I think Old Man Winter has arrived and isn't planing to leave anytime soon. :0) The temperature has not gone above 39 degrees since last Thursday and our next chance for snow is on Saturday....Thomas may just get stuck at home...oh, wouldn't that just break his heart...NOT! LOL So I'm hoping for SNOW again...hehe

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Steph.... That would be just horrible if Thomas gets stuck at home!!!! ha ha

Is it a hard climb up to get to your home??? I know some of those roads in the Smokies can be pretty steep... Hope you have plenty of milk and bread!!!! ha

Great pictures. We will be driving in Saturday's weather---so I don't want it to snow too much until we get back home.


Dreamspirations Gallery said...

Ooooh! The photos are LOVELY! I snapped a few myself but sadly I haven't been motivated enough to blog since I believe before Thanksgiving.
I wish the snow had stayed a little longer here in the valley but it was gone by the end of the day....
Oh! By the way! I realized it was a spammer I had commented about and I think you can get rid of them by changing your password.
Hope you are doing well and maybe soon I'll get back in the swing of things online :) This Cricket broadband is one of my issues. Disconnects ya everytime you turn around!
Okay! Talk soon!

icandy... said...

Very pretty, sweet! We're getting about 12" as I'm writing this!! :)
Stay warm and cozy!

Mary Ellen (megardengal) said...

We are getting some of that snow here in Colorado too!! It does make a lovely picture though it makes me so cold!!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

what a gorgeous and cozy place you live! Loved seeing the trees covered with snow...and the chairs are just too precious! :) I bet Christmas time is a wonderful time of year down there! :)

Laurie Anne said...

Beautiful photos Stephanie! We just had a snowfall here too, unfortunately the temperature is warming up and the rain is washing it all away :(
Big hugs!xx

monica said...

Steph, I love seeing the pics of the snow! I am hoping for enough snow to get Thomas stuck at home!!!:) It was great to chat with you! So glad you are doing well!

The Muse said...

crystal clover
the fluff from dover...
the moor mountain's shade
of a winter's day...
ushering in a Christmas...
to which angels pray.
branches bow down
to pay homage thus...
for in the Love of all
does kinship trust.


shabbyscraps said...

ohhh, I can't wait for snow around here!
xoxo, Tiffany

Denise said...

What a beautiful view you have! You're right. That picture of your blue chairs is truely art. It's cold here also. 14 degrees outside right now. Have a wonderful day.

Jessica Cangiano said...

How very beautiful! It's wonderful that you're surrounded by such a trove of lovely trees. We've been hit with an onslaught of snow paired with fierce winds this week, too. Ushering in winter, any hope of a gorgeous winter ever coming to fruition.

Wishing you a gorgeous Thursday and wonderful holiday season, sweet friend!

Ruth said...

Steph~Everything looks so beautiful!! I love the snow. We had a bit here too but then it turned to rain and became a slushy wet mess. It' s mostly melted now.

Glad to hear those squirrels are helping to save the beautiful trees. It is truly amazing how everything works together.


Sheryl-lyn said...

What a great view from the porch. I dreamed of snow at our house last night, so I hope it happens soon. Glad you got to spend some time at home together.

Fifi Flowers said...

FAB photo of the two blue chairs!