Another View is Born!!!

A peek at the future view!

Ta-Dah!!...all cut out! Here's the entire 20 foot wall. That 3 foot area that breaks up the two sections of glass is where the woodstove chimney comes up from the lower level where Thomas will set up his woodcarving studio. :0) The little bit of sheetrock that shows will be replaced with the tongue n groove pine that was actually cut out of the wall where the first 10 f0ot section of windows were installed over a month ago. :0) We are definitely recycling everything that we can!

So when my windows arrive this section will be all framed out, the inside trim will already be stained and finished. They will nail plywood over the outside to cover the opening until the day of arrival..woohoo!! Hurry up is what I say..I want those windows NOW...I've been waiting two weeks!


The 68" Fan dropped down 3' from the beam. I had them center it in the room instead of trying to put in several lights around the room. I prefer to use my table and floor lamps for lighting. On low setting this fan creates a nice breeze in this large room. :0)

Well…it seems it was this time last week when I told you I would be back in a little bit with more kitchen pictures! The wheels of progress seem to have their own speed and can't be controlled. I wanted the kitchen to be put together and looking good before I gave you more to look at but…the electrician didn't finish as he should have so that caused several days delay then I thought that all of my windows would have arrived last Friday to be installed THIS week!

NO...that hasn't happened of Monday they MAY be shipped by today then two days in you can tell I'm a bit impatient at this point. This economic situation that we seem to be "froze in" right now has created havoc with even large businesses keeping *standard windows* IN's crazy and I'm a bit tired of the hype and over spending in Washington...but that's a whole nother story!

Let's see, oh yeah, my kitchen, my windows..hahaha So...the electrician finished new fabulous 68" fan has been hung! The carpenters are here at this moment cutting out the 10 foot wall where the future windows will be installed. You see Miss Morgan giving them *the what for!* in that first photo...she's keeping them in their place..LOL

So you can see I've got everything covered up for when the sheetrock dust goes flying I have only the fabric and sheets to take outside and shake out instead of having to dust EVERY little thing!

I will be so happy to be able to CLEAN my wood floors and walls and get on with the decorating! I's so close!! I can see it all finished! :0)

Thanks for following my remodeling does help to talk about it along the way and y'all are all so encouraging and as excited as I am! Blogland friends are so great! :0)

See ya soon with more progress!
the Queen of Dreamsz


monica said...

Steph, The view at your place is going to be spectacular! I am so excited for you! Can I just come live with you!hehe!!

Ruth said...

Steph~it's amazing!!! I love it!! Can't wait to see when it's finished. Such a view.


Connie said...

Ooooh, Stephanie, it looks like it's coming along beautifully, sugar. Also, noticed a "little helper" in the first photo! LOL But when it's through it'll be magnificent......

Chrisy said...

Truly amazing to see the space opened up...and that fan...yes all the dust about must be a pain...but it'll soooo be worth to you over there....

Marina Capano said...

Hi! How a u? your remodeling progress is so good!!


Neabear said...

That is going to be impressive!