The Rug Hooking Frame arrived!!

My frame arrived late on Friday...this is called a Comfort Sit-on Gripper Rug Hooking sit down and staddle the paddle looking thingy. :0)
It's a 10 x 10 inch size (design area)
It has an adjustment for bringing it closer or further from you and then it has a rotation ball area that you loosen a bit and you can rotate 360 degrees to get to any part of your design with ease.

Here's a closer look at my Heart in progress. For those who have followed this progress I guess you see that there are NO wings..LOL This total design is only 7 x 7 inches. I'm using a primitive cut which is 1/4" wide wool strips...way to big I found out to give any definition to the wings in that confined area..they looked like a blob...well, yes a blob that's a good thing to call them! So I pulled them out and now I'm filling in the background with this recycled wool from a winter coat I thrifted.
You can see all the wool "tabs" still sticking up...well, I leave them til I get the next row done then trim then to the loop level. I'm safeguarding that I don't punch a short piece to the back while hooking a loop right next to it...I'm self taught with all this stuff so I read and do until I'm satisfied..may not be the textbook way of doing it but then again nothing I do is...:0) I just enjoy the journey of discovery..LOL

The next design I draw will be larger so that I can hook those wings (hopefully) :0) I'm staying positive...LOL Oh, and I want to hook a design using silk strips from tops I've thrifted..I just think that will be beautiful and very dramatic worked with other media too.

Thanks for looking..I love reading your comments and coming to visit you to see what you are up to....

Sweet Southern Hugs
Queen Of Dreamsz & Miss Morgan the yorkie


Bella Modiste said...

Can't wait to see everything you make...and the final heart with wings, bet it will be gorgeous....

Ed said...

I love it !! When it's finished that heart will be stupendous. One day soon I will take a photo of a rug I made using a latch hook - it has a huge red sun in the centre, but everything else is laid as I fancied the colours - I call it my Thoughts rug, because I used colours I thought would go together :-)

Bonne said...

That's an awesome setup! I'll bet it makes it all the more fun to do having the proper equipment. ;)