Smokey Mountain Spinnery...

Woven Shawls

Knitted Poncho

All of these critters are just to die for, aren't they!? There are many more to see in the slideshow at my flickr album. Here is the link to the slideshow of ALL of the photos I took in this lovely shop.

My trip to the mountains revealed this lovely...dangerously, lovely spinnery shop!! In addition to finding our new home in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee I found this shop very close to our cabin..The shop sits in downtown Gatlinburg along with so many other unique artisan shops that it made my head spin. Between Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville I don't believe I will ever get to all of the shops in this lifetime.

I know that my friends Bonne, Sarita and Monica will need some vapors to keep from fainting at the site of all this beautiful fiber and equipment. :0) I know I needed it!

Nancy, the owner, has spinning, weaving and felting supplies and equipment. These pictures of the equipment made me weak in the knees..LOL

Spinning and Weaving Equipment


Bonne said...

Oh, for Pete's Sake!!! I think I see my burgundy Mitsubishi parked across the street in one of the pics!! Is that an OMEN?!! ROFL! Now this is just a slice of heaven on earth!!

Autumn said...

Got your bags packed yet Bonne?
Seph , you better get the spare room ready for Bonne! :0
I don't even spin and these photos make me want to!!! AGGG! No more hobbies!!!!

Ruth said...

Wow!! I love the slideshow. What amazing yarns. My favorite is the cabinet with all the yarns in it. SO PRETTY~definitely eye candy!!
I wish we had a place like that near us.

Bonne said...

I'm thinking that once Steph gets the rug hooking mastered, that there will be hooked rugs on consignment at the Spinnery. It may be several years in the future, considering how much hooking she'll need to do for the new house, but it is conceivable.;) No rest for the wicked. Autumn, I don't care for that negative "no more hobbies" tone. We just might need to do an intervention for you. ROFL hugs, B